EARTHBOUND the musical
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The Show
Earthbound is the story of the last seven inhabitants of the space station Miami. Over generations in orbit, the residents of Miami have become an isolated society. They've evolved a religious belief that they will return to paradise on Earth after death. The two oldest residents know better. Having survived a series of plagues and religious battles known as "The Fights," and remembering Miami as it used to be, they know that the stories they repeat about Earth are false; that they will never be reunited with their loved ones, that there is no way to survive a trip to Earth, and that wars have probably left no one alive on the surface, regardless, but the younger residents believe the stories they've been told since childhood, and fantasize about an afterlife on Earth. 

When a grieving young widow loses her child at birth, she plans a suicidal trip to Earth with anyone who will join her, and is determined to leave Miami and rejoin her family in the afterlife. Another young woman has pieced together enough clues to know that the stories of Earth are lies. She knows that as a small child she was rescued from a similar mission of mass suicide planned by those who believed those stories. She also knows that she is pregnant with a child that cannot be healthy, but that the stories of Earth are the only way of preserving hope for her lover, who believes they are true.

Miami is running out of time. Equipment has been failing for years, and the fuel used to avoid debris is depleted. After a series of collisions, the entire station begins shutting down. Its small clan of survivors are at odds. One is determined to reach Earth, some want to remain on Miami, and others know that both options are impossible, but the truth is too painful to acknowledge.  
Facing death, faith and truth are no longer important. With their home falling apart and every goal out of reach, all that matters is providing comfort to each other. Whatever comes in their final moments, they all face the end together.

  Cast Breakdown - 2M-5F/1 flexible
- 40’s to 60’s, The spiritual leader of the group, and a father-figure to the
                      younger inhabitants.
- 40’s to 60’s, Dade's wife, suffers from early-onset Alzheimers.
- Early to mid-20’s, Grieving widow; pregnant during the first act.
- Early to mid-20’s, heir apparent to Dade's leadership.
- Early to mid-20’s, romantic interest to Palmer.
- Late Teens to early 20’s, inseparable friend to Mint
- Late Teens to early 20’s, inseparable friend to Brickell
- Disembodied voice of the space station’s computer

Dade (M)

Vizcaya (F)
Hieleah (F)
Palmer (M)
Coral (F)
Brickell (F)
Mint (F)
Miami (Flex)
  Set Requirement
Earthbound lends itself to minimalist, flexible staging, a large set, or immersive multimedia. Requires amplification of electronic music and offstage voices.
As the score is made up of electronica music, there is no orchestra. Music to Earthbound is available on tracks.
  Production History
Earthbound was produced by SkyPilot Theatre Company and had its Los Angeles premier June 9-July 15, 2012, at T.U. Studios in North Hollywood, California.